Sample Wedding menu

Up to 40 guests


For up to 40 guests we can prepare the food in-house, with one of our great chefs (buffet style or table service). This also allows us to quote very competitive rates. For more than 40 guests we need to use our catering company.


Hand Cut Prosciutto

Omelette with wild Asparagus

Zucchini Pesto with Stracciatella Burratta and almonds served as Shot Appetizers

Focaccine (Mini Pizza Breads) with: (Smoked Salmon + Rucola + Gorgonzola) or

(Salted Anchovies + Oregano)

Mediterranean Focaccine with: (Tomatoes + Olives + Capers, + Parma Ham + Buffalo

Mozzarella + Misticanza (* wild meadow grass salad - see below)

Wine Pairing, starters:

Prosecco “Naones” Friuli V.Giulia

“Malvasia” Organic wine, Lazio-Umbria



Home made fresh egg Tagliatelle with asparagus, cheese and bacon

Tonnarelli with artichokes, bacon and pecorino cream

Wine Pairing, first course :

“Malvasia” Az.Ciucci


“Veal Porchettata” roast veal roll with stuffing and misticanza salad *

Baked baby pork with stuffing and Viterbo potatoes

Wine Pairing, second course :

“Sangiovese” Organic, Fabrica di Roma



Roman campagna cheeses from Lakes Bracciano and Martignano

Caciofiore cheese made with vegetable thistle rennet. (Vegetarian)

Pecorino cheese seasoned six months

Wine pairing, cheese board

Cristina Menicucci red

“Apricor” Malvasia Pontinata Apassita Az.Donato Giangirolami (€uro 5 extra / person)



“Cantucci” Biscuits with Almonds

“Cremolato” Roman soft Ice Cream

Wedding cakes are not included in this menu and can be ordered separately from our wedding cake specialists.

Note about Misticanza is a wild meadow grass salad, a delightful mixture of bitter greens - including chicory, escarole, dandelion greens, and crunchy radicchio - a work of edible art, a reminder that Italians know how to enjoy the bitter with the sweet. Even the word Misticanza, etymology: misto-mistico (mystical mix).

See the menu for More than 40 guests