New Christmas menù by Claudio Ciotola

New Christmas menù by Claudio Ciotola



Typical mixed cold cuts and cheese plates of Rome and its region, served with our fresh sourdough bread and hand-made sourdough bread sticks. Porchetta will be served with a special sourdough semolina bread with toasted sesame and fennel seeds. We will serve mozzarella di Bufala, caciofiore di Columella from Bracciano lake, fresh ricotta and other particular cheeses . This appetizer will be enriched with olives from Gaeta, fresh vegetables and some typical roman fried.

First course:

A dish of pasta you can choose from Carbonara (eggs and guanciale, like bacon), Amatriciana (guanciale and tomatoes), Cacio e pepe (pecorino cheese and pepper) and Gricia (pecorino cheese and guanciale).

Main course:

A Roman tradition beef pot roast with melted tomatoes and onions served with a smooth and creamy polenta.


Hand-made tart with ricotta and sour cherries

Claudio Ciotola
Rome, 05/04/1972